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This project is no longer being actively developed


  • Easy to integrate with an existing web site.
  • Can process large amounts of email.
  • Keeps a log of every email sent
  • Supports multiple lists, users will not receive duplicate emails.
  • Custom header and footer added to every email.
  • Each email can be personalised, with the recipients address for instance.
  • No possibility of accidentaly revealing other list subscribers.
  • Web based form submission prevents viruses being sent to your subscribers.
  • Web based forms make it easy to use and administer.


  • July 30, 2003 Version 0.1 released.

What you will need

You will need a web siterunning php and a MySQL database.PHPMailer is included included as is smarty.


  • Unpack the tar file and edit include/config.php, changing the database name, username and password.
  • Upload files to your web server.
  • Use the setup.php file to initialise your database.
  • Then use the admin interface to create new lists
  • Start sending messages